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Core Values

Outreach         We believe that Jesus said "Go..." and are therefore committed to reaching out to our community and overseas with the gospel. This expressed through missions. God has given us a strategy to win people to Jesus Christ.  This is the process of evangelism.  It begins with faith filled intercessory prayer.  Pre-evangelism activities like; rugby league, OSCAR, recently touch, friendships and work in the community are all part of this strategy.  One on one witnessing, Cell group, Outreaches; like captivated, men's breakfast and our awesome Sunday celebrations.

Fellowship       We value the local church and believe that true fellowship and participation in the Christian community begins with baptism into the church and connection with God's people. We work to consolidate converts and new people into the church.  People need to feel that this is a place where they belong.  We need to feel connected.  Encounter camps, post-encounter, cell meetings and events, follow-up.  Getting connected is very important.  (2 Cor 8:5).  Some people attend church others are connected. When you connect you begin to invest.

Discipleship    We believe that the choice to follow Christ involves a life long process of personal growth and development of character, physically, academically, socially and spiritually. Our vision is to disciple believers to become leaders who can reproduce the life of Christ in others.  Our vision is for every single believer to become a fruitful leader.  You don't become a fruitful leader over night.  Character takes awhile to develop.  Discipleship is not just doing a course it's about becoming a son or a daughter of this house.   

Ministry          Obedience to Christ's command to love your neighbour as yourself is expressed in ministry and service towards each other in the church and wider community. We believe that all God's people are called to minister. We send out laborers into the harvest field who are able to win people to Jesus Christ.  Jesus said, "Go"  The apostle Paul said, "How can they preach unless they are sent"  Our goal is to send you to become a leader who can reproduce the life of Christ in others.  Yes running a cell group down the road, but much more than that.  God has given gifts to the body of pastor, teacher, evangelists, prophets and apostles.  Our vision is for you to exceed me and Allison, raising up your own generation of believers and fulfilling your destiny in God.  Some of you may be having fantastic Holy Ghost filled gatherings on marae, some of you may be having huge youth events, some of you it wont be Grey Power it will Grey Holy Ghost and Power!  And then we'll all come together and as the church!

Worship          Loving God with all our heart is the greatest value in our church! We express this through our corporate worship and celebrations together and our personal devotion and obedience to Him. Aiming to do our personal best expresses worship to God.

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