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G12 Vision

The Principle of Twelve

The number twelve is the number of government in the Bible. Jesus established His kingdom and government on the earth by using the same principle that God had used to establish Israel in the Old Testament. Just as Israel had twelve tribes, Jesus had twelve disciples. Using this pattern, Jesus intended to show us a model of how to disciple not only our local communities, but also the nations of the world.

The "principle of twelve" was first implemented by Pastors Cesar and Claudia Castellanos at International Charismatic Mission in Bogota, Colombia. This church has used this discipleship principle to build the largest small group network in the world: 30,000 small groups in a single congregation! Now, churches worldwide are implementing this dynamic principle. Its simple, personal nature is easy to duplicate. It is not a program, but the development of relationships that help every believer become a multiplying leader who can disciple others.