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Total Transformation of Kaikohe

Our local church vision

Our local church vision is for the total transformation of Kaikohe through the power of the gospel. 

We believe that the gospel (the good news that we can have a life changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ) has the power to transform individual lives, families and communities. So we see Kaikohe becoming a town with strong, healthy, prosperous individuals and families. 

As the gospel is proclaimed and demonstrated crime will decrease, abuse and suicide will be eliminated, businesses will flourish, employment will rise, education will thrive, the environment will improve, the natural and physical beauty of the town will be enhanced, pride will be restored, financial resilience independence will be achieved, local economy will grow, innovation will spring forth...every area of the community will be totally transformed.    

And we are part of global movement. 

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The Movement

Who are the Movement?

"A people passionately in love with Jesus Christ, zealous about His works and bold in the declaration of their faith, a people who will impact the nations by establishing strong local churches"

Movement Vision

"Taking cities for Christ and making disciples through Worship, Word, Warfare, Witness, Works and Wealth"

Cell Mission

"To raise up 12 leaders (sons and daughters) through the steps to success (Win, Consolidate, Disciple, and Send) who will relationally connect people into small groups of 3 - 12, with the purpose of building one church in many locations.