How long is the church service? 

Normally the service takes one and a half to two hours, followed by a cuppa for those who want to hang around.

Is there anything for the kids? 

Yes, there is a creche for 0-4 year olds in the classroom next to the hall run by our experienced volunteers. There is also a vibrant children's church programme for 5-12 year olds with exciting age appropriate lessons and activities. The 5-12 year olds stay in with the adults and begin their programme in the classrooms after the worship. You are welcome to visit the kids and see that they are settled and enjoying themselves.

Do I have to dress up? 

Come as you are. Smart/casual is ok. We are pretty relaxed. 

What normally happens in our church service? 

We normally begin the service with joyful songs of praise to God. The words are on the screen and everyone sings along with clapping and moving to the beat.

Is there preaching or a sermon? 

Our speakers bring a message from the bible that seeks to be relevant, powerful and beneficial.

Does anything supernatural happen? 

We believe in prayer for healing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. So you will hear speaking in tongues, prophecy and should feel the presence of God in the place. 

Do you ask for money? 

We have an offering as part of the service. It is completely voluntary. We encourage people to bring an offering to God and we pass a bag around at one part of our service. This money goes towards the expenses of the church, overseas missions and other local needs.