Unashamed Youth Conference

The youth unashamed conference is held in October every year. If you are interested please speak to your youth leader. A $50 deposit is necessary before your flights will be booked and we will be holding fundraisers throughout the year to go towards the cost.


Estimated Costs

Price $80 - Conference Fee
Flights $150-$200 (approx)
Food $60 (approx)
Accommodation $70 (approx)
Petrol & Vehicle Hire $80/person (approx)


For queries please speak to your youth group leader.

Email: youth@heartofthenorth.co.nz

Txt: 027 258 2221

Ph: (09) 405 3996




Registration Forms Coming Soon!

Youth Contacts

Youth Leaders

Tautari Reihana 027 812 7737

Allison Shaw 027 258 2221

E: youth@heartofthenorth.co.nz