Movement Churches

We are part of an apostolically led and envisioned world-wide movement of local churches, equipped, activated, and working together relationally to form a net to catch and contain the huge harvest of souls God has promised. We moved from independence to interdependence. If the vision is of God, one person or one church can never accomplish it alone. Working together we can accomplish what we could never do alone. All of us at sometime have realised that if churches could just work together we could see our cities saved, and our nations taken for God.

A movement Passionately in love with Jesus, Zealous about his works, and Bold in the declaration of their faith. 

Celebration Centre Movement
New Zealand (NZ)


Celebration Centre Churches
New Zealand (NZ)


Celebration Centre Churches
America (USA)

Irvine California
Torrance California
Crestline California

Celebration Centre Churches
Africa (Uganda)



Murray and Nancy Watkinson - Movement founders and apostles