G12 Ministry

The Cell Ministry at Celebration Centre is the "heart" of our ministry. Each group consists of four to twelve Christians who meet weekly in homes, on the job, or wherever they choose. We have 5 cell groups that meet in different places.

The cell meetings include weekly teachings where the Word of God is shared in a simple and practical way. The cell also serves as an evangelistic team since new people are being invited and won to Christ each week. Generally speaking, the cell enables a person to grow in his relationship with God through the knowledge of His Word, and in relationship with each other. The goal of each group is to prepare its members for leadership by helping to disciple every person relationally in cell group and through awesome Encounters and leadership training in the School of Leaders.

Jesus' vision for the world is to "win souls and make disciples." This He clearly stated in Matthew 28:19-20: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. . . ." To achieve His vision, Jesus worked closely with twelve men that He mentored to take His place on the earth. Following Jesus' pattern, the apostle Paul also trained a number of young men " Timothy?s" who later became the great leaders of the New Testament Church. We call this mentoring technique the "principle of twelve."