The Brotherhood has been launched.

Pastors Mike and Ali

"Love the brotherhood" wrote the apostle Peter, formerly a fisherman from Bethsaida. Jesus changed his occupation from a fisherman to a fisher of men. Jesus changed his name from Simon meaning "reed" to Peter meaning "rock" He changed his character, no longer swaying in the breeze, making him solid, reliable and dependable like a rock. He became part of the foundation and a pillar in the greatest transformational organisation on earth.

Peter wrote this letter to encourage the believers to stand strong in the face of trials. Peter recognised that Christian brothers need each other. God is doing something amongst the brothers of the Heart of the North. He is raising up righteous men. Righteous men, not religious men. Men doing what is right. Men who are becoming what they ought to be. Righteousness will transform our families, community and nation.



God bless you,

Mike and Ali 

Parehuia baptized by her Grandad.

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Sunday Celebration

10:30am Kaikohe Campus

Monday Chapel Service

8:50am Kaikohe Campus (During school terms)